Here is all the information you will need to know to order from our website.

Now, for a limited time shipping is free for certain orders over $75.00 CDN. You must purchase more then 1 item per person in order to get the free shipping deal. The information on shipping for each item is different, if you are interested in how much the shipping costs are, they are included in the final pricing once you purchase out. The shipping is fairly cheap depending where the customer lives, but usually it rounds at about $2.00 CDN /Pound. Since most of our items are only a couple pounds, the cost for shipping is usually under $5.00 CDN. 

Please note the following information:
  • We ship the product out up to 24h after the purchase has been accepted. This depends on what time of the day you put in your order, and where you live.
  • Please allow the item at least 3-7 business days in order to arrive. This depends on where you are, and how long the shipping company takes. We get your order shipped within 24h.
  • Once we ship out the item, we provide you with a valid receipt. This receipt contains the date the purchase was made, the day the item should arrive, tracking number, warranty expiry date, and contact information.
  • If you receive a item, or decide to send the item back under the warranty, we do not cover any of the fees to ship the item back. Under any circumstances.
  • We only give you the refund once you provide us valid tracking information on the item once you sent it out.
  • We do not refund any shipping costs to the customer after the item is returned.